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Tattoo Request

Complete the form below to begin a digital tattoo consultation, request a custom design, or request price/appointment duration quotes.

For all other questions, please email

Tattoo Request Form

Communication is vital when getting a tattoo.

This form is meant to be a one-step process, when filled out correctly. Please be careful and specific; it will make the process easier for both you and the artist.

When in doubt, always include more information than you think is necessary.

Desired Colors (Please Elaborate in Description Below)

Write out a description for your vision. Include information on visual elements, layout, style, and colors size and placement here.


*BE SPECIFIC! We can't help you if your description is not detailed enough.

Please upload a photo of your desired size and location, on your own body. Please mark the area you want tattooed.

Upload File

Even if you want a custom design, please include at least one reference photo of a similar tattoo or design.

Upload File
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